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Stepper motors are used in applications where precise rotary movement and positioning is critical.  They differ from servo motors in that they can provide precise positioning without the need for feed back.  Stepper motors can be used in simple open-loop systems where they have a static load, at low accelerations. 

Since they are open-loop, stepper motors typically must be initialized upon start up, to a zero position, so that starting position of the motor is known.  If a stepper motor is over-torqued, all knowledge of rotor position can be lost, and the motor must then be reinitialized.

Stepper motors are typically driven with an H-Bridge consisting of 4 MOSFETS, which can switch polarity to the windings of the motor. 

Daycounter specializes in stepper motor controller design.  If you need help with your next electronics design please contact us.


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