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Outsourcing Your Product Development Just Makes Sense

Whether you are an individual with a product idea, or an engineering manager who needs to shorten his product development cycle, it just makes sense to outsource your product development to Daycounter. 

Daycounter offers a comprehensive set of hardware and software engineering design services, which include product development from concept to prototype and production quality designs.

Most engineering design companies specialize in either hardware or software design. Because we have extensive expertise in both hardware and software engineering, we can offer you a more complete product solution which integrate hardware and software. We can minimize your time to market, and eliminate design stumbling blocks which occur from inadequate systems engineering, because we understand all aspects of bring a product to market.

An often neglected aspect of a product development is documentation, which is important so that your product can be maintained. We fully document our code, and our designs, we will deliver to you on CD Rom all software, design documents, design overviews including block diagrams, bills of materials and user manuals.

Electronics Design Services

Daycounter has designed electronic systems ranging from the simple to systems containing dozens of boards. No design is too small, or too large for Daycounter. 

Daycounter specializes in the following services:

  • Design of low cost consumer products.
  • Rapid prototype design for the proof of concept of your product idea.
  • Replacement of legacy hardware and parts with modern designs.
  • Replacement of large through hole designs with smaller surface mount technology (SMT).
  • Production and maintenance of existing designs.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • PCB Layout

Software Development Services

  • GUI design.
  • Multithreaded servers. 
  • Web tools and spiders.
  • Database design.
  • Application design.
  • File parsers.
  • Driver Development.
  • Palm OS software.
  • Pocket PC development
  • Embedded software.
  • Encryption.

Mechanical and Industrial Design

  • Design of 3D parts using Solid Works. 


Technology Experts

Daycounter can create your electronics design with the latest technology. Our engineers stay on top off the latest technology so that you don't have to. 

These are just a few of the technologies that we can implement for you:

  • Palm/Visor hardware modules.
  • Data acquisition systems. 
  • Embedded systems.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP).
  • Design of computer peripherals including the following protocols: RS232, RS485, PCI, USB, Ethernet, SCSI.
  • Firmware design for all types of microcontrollers and peripherals.
  • High speed digital design using MECL.
  • Analog design such as amplifiers, and power supplies.
  • Radio, and wireless.
  • Software drivers for your products.
  • FPGAs, PLDs and other complex programmable logic. 
  • Java native interfaces.
  • C,C++.
  • COM, ATL.
  • CGI.
  • Apache Modules.
  • Databases: Oracle, MySql, ODBC, Access.
  • PHP.
  • Assembly language.
  • Yacc/Lex and Bison/Flex.
  • MS Office and Front Page plug in components.
  • WDM device drivers.

Advanced Engineering Tools and Equipment

  • Latest version of Altium schematic capture software.
  • Solid Works for creating 3D mechanical parts.
  • Code Composer Studio for TI DSPs. 
  • 10 GHz Spectrum Analyzer. 
  • Windows workstations.
  • FPGA, PLD design tools.
  • EPROM Programmers.
  • Tektronix High Speed Digital Storage Scopes.
  • Microchip PIC programmers and development tools.
  • Motorola DSP56300 series development tools.
  • Analog Devices DSP tools.
  • Intel micro controller tools.
  • Quadravox Compiler for MSP430
  • Codewarior and Palm emulator for Visor and Palm Development.
  • Matlab simulation tools.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Developer Studio.

Post Design Services

Daycounter can manage the production of your product, including purchasing, assembly, programming and test.


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