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  • Amp Displays - Displays
  • Apollo Display Technologies - LCD displays controllers and touch screens. They can add any touch screen onto any display. The touch screen TSG-51 costs under $7.50.
  • Hantronix - LCD modules
  • Link Sun - LCD displays - Hong Kong
  • LXD Liquid Crystal Displays - Distributor of glass, module, tft, and OLED displays. Distributes for RiTDisplay.
  • New Haven - Great Company! You can actually buy small quantities online or through digikey. It's nice to see real pricing, when most manufacturers do all in their power to hide it.
  • Toppoly - Joint venture with philips. Large variety of graphical LCD, TFT, active matrix displays for consumer applications.
  • US Micro Products - LCDs, Keypads, Joysticks, Printers, etc.

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