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The most important function of a distributor is to actually carry the parts listed in their catalogs, unfortunately this is often not the case. The other common problem in dealing with distributors is many have terrible and inaccurate web sites, which force engineers into calling in, and talking to sales people, who have zero product knowledge.  Sadly most distributors' idea of customer service is sending out annoying sales people who like to drop by and waste your time. Probably the best general electronics distributor is Digikey, because of their efficiency and inventory. Their web site is a powerful engineering tool which allows a designer to quickly filter through thousands of similar products, to find just the right part.

  • Adams Magnetic - Distributor of magnets, cores and bobbins. 
  • Allied Electronics - Typically more expensive than other distributors.
  • All Star Magnetics.com - Distributor of magnetic cores.
  • Arrow - Large variety of all types of electronics.
  • Avnet -  Large variety of all types of electronics.
  • Dexter Magnetics - Distributor of magnetic cores.
  • Digikey - Our motto is if digikey doesn't carry it, don't design it in. Digikey is probably the best distributor out there, because of their customer service, awesome web site, and huge inventory. They ship same day into the late afternoon.  No annoying on-site sales people. 
  • Future Electronics - Large variety of all types of electronics. 
  • Futurelec - Affordable solar cells and hobby electronic parts.  
  • Mouser - Another great distributor.
  • Newark - Typically more expensive than other distributors.
  • NovoTech - GPS, Dataradios, Phone and GPS antennas, M2M wireless. 
  • Richardson Electronics - Specializes in electron tubes, radio frequency (RF) and microwave components, power semiconductors.
  • Silicon Solar - Distributor of solar energy solutions.


Want to list a distributor here - contact us and send us an email only with the link and a short description of the what products are carried.

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