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  • Bourns - A large variety of switches, resistors, and pots.
  • Coilcraft - This is a great company for inductive parts. They ship direct, have good pricing, and have great availability and samples.
  • Custom Coils - Supplier of magnetics.
  • CWS - Supplier of custom magnetic components. They carry a large variety of SMPS transformers for Power Integrations TopSwitch and TinySwitch SMPS controller switches.
  • E Core - Supplier of magnetics and cores.
  • epcos - Lots of descrete electronics.
  • Gowanda - Supplier of magnetic components.
  • Hammond Manufacturing -
  • Hurricane Electronics - Custom magnetics and winding.
  • ICE Components, Inc. - Transformers and magnetics
  • JW Miller - Broad variety of magnetic components.
  • Li Shin - Supplier of magnetic components. Has off the shelf transformers for Power Integration SMPS controllers.
  • Panasonic -
  • PCA - Magnetics
  • Premo - Specialty Inductors
  • Pulse - Chip antennas and other components.
  • Sumida - Has a broad range of Isolation transformers and power inductors used in DC-DC converters.
  • Zettler Magnetics - Supplier of magnetic components.

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