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Voltage Regulator Comparison

Selecting the right LDO voltage regulator for a low power microcontroller can be a chore. This is a comparison of low power 3.3V voltage regulators, in terms of maximum Voltage In, current output, quiescent current, and price.

Part Number Vin(max) Imax(mA) IQ (uA) Price (Qty 1000)
TPS77033DBVR 16 50 1 0.38570
TPS76933DBVT 13.5 100 1 0.47880
TPS79133DBVR 6 100 170 0.53200
TPS71533DCKR 24 50 3.2 0.45220
TPS79733DCKR 6V 50 1.2 0.45220
TPS76133DBVR 16 100 1 0.49210

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