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Power Supplies

AstroDyne - Cheap switching power supplies.

Emco - Very high voltage power supplies.


Power Sonic - Batteries


Hanaco - Silicone rubber keypads. 

Nicomatic - Metal push Button Domes. 


www.cablestogo.com - cables.


Maxwell - Ultracapacitors and super caps 1F-10F.

Sandvik - Super caps. 

Elna - Super Caps 100F and regular caps 


Samtec - Nice board stacking system.

Force Electronics - Distributor specializing in connectors. 

Embedded TCP/IP

WizNet - TCP/IP Chip

NetBurner - Full TCP/IP modules. 

EtherReal - PC software for capturing Ethernet packets.

RealTek - Ethernet controller physical layer


Ironwood Electronics - IC sockets and adapters for prototyping.

Wakefield Engineering - Finned Heat Sinks.

batteryholders.com - Battery Holders

Renata - Battery Holders

Keystone Electronics PCI Brackets, Fuse Clips, Faston Tabs, Grommets, LED Spacers and lenses, handles

Masach - RF Shields, Located in Isreal.

Mill Max Wide range of connectors, and pins, including pogo-pins (Spring Loaded Pins)

Spring Works - Custom made springs, and metal stamps. 

LCDs, Printers,  Keypads, Joysticks, and Keypads.

US Micro Products - LCDs, Keypads, Joysticks, Printers, etc.

Pacific Display - LCDs

Purdy Electronics - LCDs

www.lcdsystems.com - LCDs

www.liquidcrystaltechnologies.com - LCDs

Lumex- LCDs

www.azdisplays.com- LCDs


Conductive Compounds - Resistive/conductive ink, conductive epoxy, conformal coating.   

Ems Inc. Potting compounds, exotic epoxies, conductive epoxies, thermally conductive adhesives for heat sinks. EIS inc - Distributor of items that assemblers use, as well as materials - solder, chemicals, bearings, plastics, insulated paper, tubing, magnet wire. 

Flex Con - Pressure sensitive films and adhesives. 

Light Fab - Pressure Sensitive adhesives 

Montroy - Anything to do with signs, neon, ballasts, transformers. 

Parlex - Flat flexible cable. 

Power Design Services - Flex PCB manufactures. 

Plastic Suppliers - Plastic films 

Poly Optical - Fiber optic light pipes. 

Nordson - UV Curing equipment 

Qualitek - Custom dies for cutting plastics and membranes. 

Tekra - Films and adhesives. 

UV Process - UV Curing equipment

Switch Mode Power Supply ICs

Power Integrations - Simple AC to DC converters


Caprock Developements - Cheap Ph meters.  

Transformers and Inductors and Bobbins.

Adams Magnetic - Cores

www.allstarmagnetics.com - Magnetics distributor

AVX - Cores, Bobbins.

BH Electronics - DC/DC Transformers

coilws - Switch Mode transformers for Power Integrations.  Custom Coils.



Cosmo  - Bobbins

Components International - Bobbins, Headers, Toroid Mounts (Vertical & Horizontal)

Custom Coils - Custom switchmode transformers.

Ecore - Ferrite Cores

Ferroxcube -

Ferrite International - Cores

Fair-Rite Products - 

Dexter Magnetics - Cores Bobbins


Hammond - Big transformers.

Hitachi Metals America - Cores

Hurricane Electronics - Custom Coils

JW Miller - Mainly inductors

Li Shin - Has standard inductors for Power Integrations Top Switch.

Lundahl Transformers - Audio Line Input Transformers

Miles-Platts - Bobbins

Micrometals- Cores.

MMG - Cores Bobbins.

NiCera- Ferrite Cores and Bobbins

Permacor - Ferrite Cores and Bobbins.

Plastron Industries, Inc. - Bobbins. 

Precision Paper Tube Company - Bobbins

Stevens Products - Bobbins

Sumida - DC/DC Flyback Transformers.



Zettler Magnetics - Supports broad range of SMPS chips.

Pressure Switches

Hobbs/Honeywell - Pressure Switches

PRES:AIR:TROL CORPORATION  - PCB Mount Pressure Switches

Design Flex Switches - Pressure Switches


Delphi  - Sealed automotive Connectors.

Auveco - Miscellaneous automotive fasteners, and connectors.

M&H Electric Fabricators - Automotive wiring harnesses 562-926-9552 - Mike




http://www.bracketsource.com/ PCI Brackets

Radio Test Equipment

MJF - Antenna Tuners, Watt Meters, VSWR Meters, etc.


Communication Concepts - High power RF amps.

PC Interface

PCI Interfacing

Music Sound Generator Chips

www.holtek.com.  Chinese site. Various polyphonic music chips. Robot voice and vibrato voice processor. 

www.yamaha.com. Several sound synthesys chips. 

www.rohm.com.   Cell phone melody chip.

Cheap Speakers

ISL Products - Cheep Mylar speakers, about .25 cents, in large quantity.  Piezo buzzers. 

Piezo Elements

Kingstate - Piezo's elements

Ingram Products - Piezo's elements

U.S. Electronics - Piezo's elements

High Voltage Parts

Kilovac (Tyco subsidiary) - High Voltage Relays.

Geiger- Muller Tubes

Saint-Gobain -GM Tubes, scintillation products

LND Inc.  -GM Tubes

JCS  -GM Tubes

Electronic Muscles

Environmental Robots

Device Drivers

Jungo    Driver development kits (DDKs)

Disassemblers and Editors

Win32dasm - Windows 32 exe disassembler and debugger.

Hiew - Editor program.

Plastics Stereolithography 

R&D Design Engineering - Inexpensive SLA prototypes.

Testing Equipment

www.tech-tools.com - $500 USB Logic analyzer

Toy ICs

Winbond - Toy controller chips, and record and playback ICs, CODECS, sound chips.


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