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Water Level Sensor


Useful Chips

Here's a list of useful chips that we've come across:

  • MAX4172 (www.maxim-ic.com)  A high side current sensing amplifier chip. It's useful in motor control.  You can read the current through a high side current sensing resistor. 
  • LTC6101 (www.linear.com) - High side current sensing chip.
  • Chip Corder (www.winbond.com) - Voice record and playback on a single chip.
  • ISD4003 (www.winbond.com) - Voice record and playback on a single chip.
  • LT3484 www.linear.com- Xenon photoflash charger ICS.
  • PCF8562TT/2-T - Philips - 40x4 LCD display driver. $0.69 qty 1000.
  • IR22381 - International Rectifier  - 3 phase motor controller chip.
  • CS5368 - Cirrus Logic - 8 channel differential 192KHz ADC
  • FDN336P - P-Channel low resistance mosfet.
  • MT7238CT-ND- Modem Transformer from digikey
  • Si3016 -  Silicon Labs DAA
  • ADuM1100 and others - Analog Devices -  high speed digital isolators using micro onchip transformers. 
  • PMV65XP or IRLML6402 - Ultra Low On-Resistance (Rds(on)=0.065) ohms, P-Ch Mosfet, SOT 23, Vgs=1.2. 3.5A, 20V.
  • TL431 - This is essentially a programmable Zener, where it's voltage can be set by a resistive voltage divider.
  • S1D13705 -  LCD TFT controller chip from Epson  allows a microprocessor to interface to an LCD Display.   The are various different types in the S1D13 family.  Distributed through Digikey, Mouser, etc. 
  • SC120 - Semtech - Boost Controller 1.2MHz  $0.37 qty 1000. 



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