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Water Level Sensor


Protel Layer and Gerber File Extension Key

.txt - Drill file

.gbl - botom layer
.gbs - bottom solder mask
.gbo - bottom overlay (silk screen)
.gbp - bottom paste
.gko - keep out
.gm1 - mechanical 1  (board outline)
.gm2 - mechanical 2
.g1 - inner routing layer 1
.g2 - inner routing layer 2
.gp1 - inner plane 1                        Negative
.gp2 - inner plane 2                        Negative
.gpb - bottom pad master
.gpt - top pad master
.gtp - top paste
.gtl - top layer
.gts - top solder mask
.gto - top overlay (silk screen)

Other Miscellaneous Files:

.rul - rule report file
.ldp - layer report file.
.apr - aperture report file
.drl - unknown binary drill file
.drr - drill report 


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