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Pocket PC Development Notes

Setting up the Pocket PC Tools

To target a PPC 2003 device you need to download and install three separate items: 

  • Embedded Visual C++ 4.0
  • EVC4.0 SP2
  • Pocket PC 2003 SDK

Unfortunately, these do not come together, and the documentation doesn't seem to tell you everything that is needed.  Also note that you can't target PPC 2003 devices from EVC3.0, and likewise EVC4.0 is not backward compatible to PPC 2002 devices. 

If you don't install Pocket PC 2003 SDK with EVC4.0 you only get the emulator as a connection option.

The Platform Manager options should both be set to ActiveSync to connect to the device.

Various Windows CE Oddities: 

  • The windows FindWindow function doesn't seem to work in CE.  It turns out that the windows class name that is registered by an app using MFC is prefixed with "WCE_".  Thus you need to you use FindWindow with the prefixed name.   

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