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PIC Microchip MPLAB PIC C Compiler Setup FAQ

Is it possible to integrate the PIC C compiler with MPLAB so that code can be compiled and single stepped from MPLAB?

To setup MPLAB 7.0 so that it can call the compiler and single step the code:
Select the "Project/Select Language Toolsuite.." menu . 
Under the option "tool suite location",  I entered: C:\Program Files\PICC\Ccsc.exe
Select "Project/Build options" for PpGauge873.C. 
Under the debug section select COFF fromat.
Under Other Files section Select "Call Tree" and "Symbol File".
Pushing the restore defaults button performs the same function as above.

To create a MPLAB project, from the PIC C compiler, select Tools/MPLAB.  This will
give an error message.  Now open MPLAB, and select Project/Open and browse to the project file which the compiler created.  Once you open this file a workspace file is created, by MPLAB, and this workspace file should be the one which is opened in the future.


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