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Engineering Software Resources

This is a list of useful engineering software, that are low cost or free.

  • Audacity - Audio editing software.
  • CamBam - Affordable CAM software for tool path creation. 
  • Dot Factory - Allows you to create fonts and bitmaps and save as C headers for microcontroller.
  •  eDrawings - Free cam viewer from solid works.  View autocad DWG, DXF and solid works 2D/3D files.
  • Gimp - Open source Free Photosholp replacement. 
  • Inkskape - Open source Illustrator replacment.
  • Kompozer - Wisiwig html editor.
  • Lightworks  - Video editing software.
  • Notepad++ -  Awsome notepad replacement.

Daycounter specializes in contract electronics design.  Do you need some help on your project?  Contact us to get a quote. 

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