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Win CE Switching CFormView Problems

Suppose you want to be able to switch among various form views in Windows CE, either in a CMainFrm window or in a CSplitterFrame Pane.  This would seem to be an easy task, and there are various example codes to do this for regular desktop windows, i.e. VSwap32.exe.  However, if you try this in Pocket PC you may get unpredictable crashes when you create the form views or switch to them.  It turns out that the resource that the form is based on must be specified as follows to avoid crashes:

style: child
border: none
center: checked
All else is unchecked.

Here's some source code to swap CFrom Views:

 void CMainFrame::CreateAlternateViews() {
    // This code was taken from the MS sample VSwap32.exe.

    // Make sure that the view is a view and not a dialog, If based on a resource form, make sure that
    // it is not set to visible!

    m_nCurView = 0; // Save index of the currently active view class

    // Keep array of views as member of WinApp
    CView* pActiveView = GetActiveView();

    m_pViews[0] = pActiveView;        // view created by doctemplate
    m_pViews[1] = (CView*) new CForm1;
    m_pViews[2] = (CView*) new CForm2;
    m_pViews[3] = (CView*) new CForm3;
    m_pViews[4] = (CView*) new CForm4;
    // Initialize a CCreateContext to point to the active document.
    // With this context, the new view is added to the document
    // when the view is created in CView::OnCreate().
    CCreateContext newContext;
    newContext.m_pNewViewClass = NULL;
    newContext.m_pNewDocTemplate = NULL;
    newContext.m_pLastView = NULL;
    newContext.m_pCurrentFrame = NULL;
    newContext.m_pCurrentDoc = GetActiveDocument();
    CRect rect(0, 0, 0, 0); // gets resized later
    // Need to cast pointers to have correct Create functions called
    // CForm2 is CFormView::Create

    // Create the new view. In this example, the view persists for
    // the life of the application. The application automatically
    // deletes the view when the application is closed.
    for(int i=1;i<NUM_VIEWS;i++) {
        // The ID of the initial active view is AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST.
        // Incrementing this value by one for additional views works
        // in the standard document/view case but the technique cannot
        // be extended for the CSplitterWnd case.
        m_pViews[i]->Create(NULL, NULL,(AFX_WS_DEFAULT_VIEW & ~WS_VISIBLE),rect, this,                 AFX_IDW_PANE_FIRST+i, &newContext);
        // views are created with the style of AFX_WS_DEFAULT_VIEW
        // In MFC 4.0, this is (WS_BORDER | WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD)
    // When a document template creates a view, the WM_INITIALUPDATE
    // message is sent automatically. However, this code must
    // explicitly send the message, as follows.
    for(i=1;i<NUM_VIEWS;i++) {

CView* CMainFrame::SwitchView(UINT nIndex) {
    ASSERT( nIndex >=0 && nIndex < NUM_VIEWS );

    CView* pNewView = m_pViews[nIndex];
    CView* pActiveView = GetActiveView();
    if (!pActiveView) return NULL; // No currently active view
    if ( pNewView == pActiveView ) return pActiveView; // Already there
        // Update Doc's data if needed
        // Don't change view if data valiation fails
        // if ( ! SaveActiveViewsData() ) {
        // return pActiveView;
    // }
    m_nCurView = nIndex; // Store the new current view's index
    // exchange view window ID's so RecalcLayout() works
    UINT temp = ::GetWindowLong(pActiveView->m_hWnd, GWL_ID);
    ::SetWindowLong(pActiveView->m_hWnd, GWL_ID, ::GetWindowLong(pNewView->m_hWnd, GWL_ID));
    ::SetWindowLong(pNewView->m_hWnd, GWL_ID, temp);
    // Display and update the new current view - hide the old one 
    return pActiveView;


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