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Battery Capacity Comparison Table

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Selecting the right battery for the right application is a common choice.  Trade offs in battery selection are cost, size and capacity, and internal resistance.  Battery capacity is rated in Amp-hours. If you know how many Amps the device will draw, you can figure out how long the battery will last by dividing  the capacity by the current draw.  If a battery has a capacity of .5 Amp hours, that means it can drive .1 amps to a load for 5 hours or conversely .5 amps for 1 hour, until the voltage drops to a specified threshold, which is typically about half the rated voltage. 

The following table is a comparison between various common battery types. 

Type Description Voltage Capacity Manufacturer Cost -
Qty 1000
AAA Cylinder Carbon Zinc 1.5 540mAh Energizer $0.19 10.49 44.50
AA Cylinder Carbon Zinc 1.5 1100mAh Energizer $0.12 14.50 50.50
C Cylinder Carbon Zinc 1.5 3800mAh Energizer $0.22 26.19 50
D Cylinder Carbon Zinc 1.5 8000mAh Energizer $0.25 34.01 61.49
N Cylinder Carbon Zinc 1.5 250mAh Energizer $0.13 11.99 30.20
CR1220 Coin Lithium 3 40mAh Energizer $0.19 12.5 2.00
CR2032 Coin Lithium 3 225mAh Energizer $0.17 20 3.20
CR2450 Coin Lithium 3 600mAh Energizer $0.72 24.5 6.9
9V Square Carbon Zinc 9 400mAh Energizer $0.61 26.49x17.50 48.09
A23 Cylinder Alkaline 12 40mAh Energizer $0.44 10.3 28.5
LR44 Alkaline Button 1.5 150mAh Energizer $0.06 11.4 5.2
LR44 Silver Oxide Button 1.5 200mAh Energizer $0.70 11.4 5.2

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