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Inexpensive DSP56 Parallel Port Command Converter

The DAY56CC is a DSP56 Motorola/Freescale compatible parallel port command converter, which is used to program and debug DSP56 based processors. It is a fraction of the price you would pay if you ordered from the chip manufacturer. 


This product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are unsatisfied for any reason. 

Command Converter  $119.95 USD  

The command converter ships with out a parallel cable, since most people already have this.  If you need a parallel cable this can be added to your order. 

Parallel Cable  $19.95 USD  


14 Pin JTAG/ONCE Pin Out

 Pin 1: TDI  Pin 2: GND
 Pin 3: TDO  Pin 4: GND
 Pin 5: TCK  Pin 7: GND
 Pin 7: NC  Pin 8: KEY
 Pin 9: RESET  Pin 10: TMS
 Pin 11: DSP_VCC   Pin 12: NC
 Pin 13: NC  Pin 14: TRST


Here are just a few of the DSP56F800 and DSP56300 series processors that this device supports:

DSPF8XX (16 Bit) DSP3XX (24 Bit)
DSPF801 DSP56301
DSPF802 DSP56303
DSPF805 DSP56309
DSPF807 DSP56311
DSPF824 DSP56321
DSPF826 DSP56362
DSPF827 DSP56364
DSPF8322 DSP56366
DSPF8323 DSP56367
DSPF8323 DSP56371


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