Saw Transmitter Circuit

This circuit uses a saw based oscillator with an output amplifier which drives a transistor. C1 and C2 and L1 are critical oscillator components. They form a tank circuit which should be tuned to the resonator frequency. Typically C1<C2.The output C/L network matches the antenna to the driver.

The tank circuit frequency has the following equation:

F= 1/(2*pi*sqrt(L*C1*C2/(C1+C2)))

Rearranged for L:

L=1/( (2*PI*F)^2 *C1*C2/(C1+C2))

The following calculator can be iteratively used to find appropriate values for the tank circuit.

L1 (nH)
C1 (pF)
C2 (pF)

F (MHz)

Saw Transmitter Schematic
Saw Transmitter Schematic

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