Maximum Flux Density Calculator

The maximum flux density for a core/coil geometry should be calculated to verify that it is below the specified value for a given core, so that the core doesn't saturate. This calculator is useful in matching a core size to the required power.

Note that if there is no DC term, then the calculation is completely independent of the core material.

AC Terms
Vrms (Vrms)
F (frequency, use the minimum frequency that the coil will see) (MHz)
N (Number of turns)
Ac (Equivalent area - the cross section of core) (cm2)
Optional DC Terms.
Idc (DC current through winding. This is optional) (A)
L (Specific to core used. Only enter if, coil has DC) (uH)
Bmax (gauss)



Bmax(DC)= (L*Idc*108)/(NAc)

Bmax= (Vrms*108)/(4.44*F*N*Ac) + (L*Idc*108)/(N*Ac) gauss

Note if no DC current flows, then the second term of the equation is dropped.

In terms of AL(uH/100T2):

L= N2AL(uH/100T2)10-4

Bmax(DC)= (N*AL(uH/100T2)104*Idc)/(Ac)

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