Comparator Hysteresis Calculator

This calculator will compute the resistor ratio R1/R2 and reference voltage for given high and low threshold values for a hysteresis curve, or the threshold values given the reference voltage and resistor ratio.

The most commonly know comparator is the LM339 and it's various flavors. Rail to rail op-amps can also be used as comparators. The LMV324 is one such op-amp that is affordable, and works well as a comparator.

Comparator Circuit Schematic

Comparator Circuit Schematic

The design equations for this calculator can be seen at:

Comparator Hysteresis Design Equations .

Input: (Note: Use minus sign "-" for negative voltages.)
Positive Supply Voltage: (V)
Negative Supply Voltage: (V)
Vth (High Threshold Voltage):
R2/R1 (Ratio of Resistors):
Vtl (Low Threshold Voltage):
Vr (Reference Voltage):
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