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Electronics Design
Firmware Development
Software Development
Embedded Design
PCB Layout
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
Reverse Engineering
Device Driver Development
Motor Controllers
Data Acquisition Systems
Palm OS Software
Windows CE Software
Pocket PC Software
Design for Manufacturing
Through Hole to Surface Mount (SMT) Conversion 
Microchip PIC Consultant
MSP430 Development
DSP56 Development
RoHs Redesign
Design for USB

Silver Board Contract Assembly


Protel Layer and Gerber File Extension Key

.txt - Drill file

.gbl - botom layer
.gbs - bottom solder mask
.gbo - bottom overlay (silk screen)
.gbp - bottom paste
.gko - keep out
.gm1 - mechanical 1  (board outline)
.gm2 - mechanical 2
.g1 - inner routing layer 1
.g2 - inner routing layer 2
.gp1 - inner plane 1                        Negative
.gp2 - inner plane 2                        Negative
.gpb - bottom pad master
.gpt - top pad master
.gtp - top paste
.gtl - top layer
.gts - top solder mask
.gto - top overlay (silk screen)

Other Miscellaneous Files:

.rul - rule report file
.ldp - layer report file.
.apr - aperture report file
.drl - unknown binary drill file
.drr - drill report 


Daycounter specializes in contract electronics design.  Do you need some help on your project?  Contact us to get a quote. 

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