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Experienced DSP56 Contract Consultants

Daycounter specializes in the the DSP56 series of DSPs, including the Motorola/Freescale DSP56F8XX (16 bit) and DSP563XX (24 bit) processor series. 

We have developed numerous products based on these products including, data acquisition systems, frequency synthesizers, and engine injector controllers. 

We have advanced equipment and tools to get your DSP56 product up and running, including: 

For prototyping of algorithms we can use C/C++, or Matlab. 

If performance is critical we can also use FPGAs such as those from Xilinx to implement time critical DSP functions such as digital filters in hardware.

If you have a DSP56 project that you need completed,  please contact us, so that we can explain our capabilities. 


Here are just a few of the DSP56F800 and DSP56300 series processors that we support:

DSPF8XX (16 Bit) DSP3XX (24 Bit)
DSPF801 DSP56301
DSPF802 DSP56303
DSPF805 DSP56309
DSPF807 DSP56311
DSPF824 DSP56321
DSPF826 DSP56362
DSPF827 DSP56364
DSPF8322 DSP56366
DSPF8323 DSP56367
DSPF8323 DSP56371


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