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How to Load Firmware to a DSP56300

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  • Download DSP56300_Tools.exe, and install it on your windows PC.
  • Purchase a command converter, and a parallel cable.  These can be purchased from www.daycounter.com or www.freescale.com.  
  • Power the PCB.
  • Connect the command converter 14 pin cable to the corresponding JTAG connector on the board.
  • Run Command Converter Server. This can be found under the Motorola DSP tools group under the start/programs tab in windows.
  • Run the program GDS56300.  It will let you know if it can not connect to the board.
  • Set the filepat to where the program file (.cld) is by using the File/Path command.
  • Load the program into memory, by using File/Load/Memory Coff.  The file you will load is a .cld file.
  • Press the Go button to begin execution. 


Daycounter provides contract engineering services. Please contact us if you would like to out-source your next engineering project. 


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